Crop- and Harvest Reports

Final Crop Report: German 2021 Spring Barley

table for download >>>here Already in September 2021, the Braugersten-Gemeinschaft e.V. (German Brewing Barley Association) released an initial harvest report. It was based on preliminary analyses of “special harvest assessments” conducted by the state chambers of agriculture and agricultural institutes, as well as on qualitative data from individual sample batches collected by the German malting […]


Harvest Report #1 German 2021 Spring Barley

table for download >>>>here Early results of the 2021 German spring barley campaign suggest that this year’s harvest has come in far below the values forecast even as late as the regular barley inspection tours in late summer. At that time, expectations were still high because of adequate moisture in the soil and moderate weather […]


Crop Report #2 German 2021 – Spring Barley

Table for Download >>>>here Based on the first reliable data for the cultivation area of German brewing barley, as well as additional estimates by various state agricultural associations, the German Braugersten-Gemeinschaft (Brewing Barley Association) has compiled its most recent crop report for spring barley. Contrary to initial estimates which were based primarily on seed sales […]


Crop Report #1 German Spring Barley – April 23, 2021

Table for Download >>>>here Spring barley plantings in Germany are now complete. Based on the amount of seeds purchased by farmers and on initial estimates by the German state agricultural associations, the Braugersten-Gemeinschaft (Brewing Barley Association) expects the spring barley acreage to tally up to ​approximately 346,000 ha (roughly 840,000 acres) this year. This represents […]


Final German 2020 Brewing Barley Crop Report

table for Download >>>here The Agriculture Institutes and Chambers of Agriculture in all German states have now completed their assessments of the 2020 spring barley harvest. Likewise, the stake holders in the trade chain, including the maltsters, have finished their evaluations of the current crop. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the details of their analyses […]


1st Harvest Report Malting Barley Oct. 2020

Table for download >>>here In many regions of Germany, the spring barley harvest of 2020 turned out to be better than was expected earlier in the year, when uneven spring weather conditions and a subsequent prognosis during the harvest suggested otherwise. On the basis of sample evaluations conducted by stakeholders in the barley trade in […]


Crop Report #2 German Spring Barley, June 2020

Table for Download >>>here Based on reports prepared by the malting barley associations of the different states, the German Brewing Barley Association has compiled an up-to-date status report about this year’s spring barley crop; and the news is decidedly mixed. The planted area this year is roughly 349,000 hectares (some 862,400 acres), which is only […]


Crop Report #1 – German Spring Barley, April 2020

Table for Download here>>>> Spring barley plantings in Germany are now complete. Based on the amount of seeds purchased by farmers and on initial estimates by the German state agricultural associations, the total acreage of spring barley planted in Germany this year is about 345,000 ha, which represents a small decrease of -3% compared to […]


Final Crop Report: German 2019 Spring Barley

Table for download >>>>here Last year, extreme weather conditions in Germany resulted in a very heterogeneous spring barley crop, which is why representative data about the crop became available only very late and could not be compiled reliably until the end of 2019. This also explains the lateness of this report. As always, the current […]


1st Barley Harvest Report Germany

Table for Download >>>here Both the quality and quantity of the German 2019 spring barley harvest turned out to be below expectations. There had been plenty of optimism about of this year’s crop, starting in the spring and continuing all the way to the beginning of the harvest, when the regional associations organized crop tours […]




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